Rexium Whitepaper


 REXIUM TOKEN (RXM) is an innovative token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that re-imagines the concept of DeFi yield generation. At its core, RXM charges a 10% transaction fee and redistributes that fee to existing RXM holders instantly and automatically at the time of each transaction. In addition, 2% of each transaction is burned. This project has been designed to create a sustainable token that gives users and investors the chance to earn yield by holding RXM.

The REXIUM is powered by the RXM TOKEN A utility token powered by the Binance smart contract. The project will release the first decentralized application (DApp) on top of the “RXM TOKEN ” protocol focusing on trading currencies. This white paper provides all essential usage guides, information, technical, ethical, and legal support to its investors and users. We like to refer to the 4 Pillars of RXM:

  • Simple — Hold and earn. That’s it.
  • Safe — keep tokens in your wallet, safe and secure.
  • Sustainable — Deflationary by automatic Token burning.
  • Trust— we are trustable.


It is requested to read this legal disclaimer section with full attention. In case of any doubt, the consultancy should be taken from the legal, financial, tax ,or another professional law practitioner All the items of information which have been given below are not to be given in an exhaustive way and they can never be considered a part of various contractual relationships. It is our utmost desire that the information given in this white paper should be accurate, up to date and all the products, services, technical architecture, token distribution, company timelines, moreover, all these materials could be changed without any notice and they can never be considered a binding agreement of the professional advice. This white paper does not bind any individual to enter into any contract or enter into any binding legal commitment to the contribution. This white paper also does not constitute any form or any part of any opinion which can be considered a piece of advice, or which can sell, or which can solicit any offer by Rexium Token to purchase our token nor shall it be considered a part of any effect which can be used for the formation of contract or investment decision. This white paper also does not have any capacity to bind any person to enter into any contract or consider it a binding legal commitment to the contribution of the whitepaper.


The world is shifting from its traditional way of doing things to the advanced and adopting technology, which slowly is getting incorporated into the online marketplace industry. The world has become a global village, the pace of development is indescribable. It would not be wrong if I say that the age of technology and the digital world. In recent years, the corrupt currency has made incredible progress and has realized its presence in all walks of life. With this pace of development, it can be expected that it will be a revolutionary step in the world of decentralized finance. It was expected to bring a whole new dimension in creating value, and given the potential, this market sector has, cryptocurrencies were hoped to disrupt the traditional method of shopping and payment processing and trading.

Cryptocurrency has been dominating the world’s industry. From education to business and health to sports, every aspect of life is modernized and revolutionized. Decentralized money changed the way trade was done and revolutionized the world. One such project is “REXIUM”, which is the name of benefit and trust into the world of Cryptocurrency.

Business thrives on trust and confidence, and we focus on that. To provide our customers with a better business environment where they can trade without fear of fraud or robbery, “REXIUM” is the name of trust and transparency. We will never want to be discredited in society for the sake of small gain, nor will we want to destroy our reputation. REXIUM will deliver a reliable, transparent, and decentralized solution in the world of cryptocurrencies. Decentralized nature is one of the biggest reasons for the increasing popularity of blockchain technology in Cryptocurrency. The platform “REXIUM” can be used globally, so this project has been designed to create a proper channel and a typical platform that will give its users and investors outstanding benefits through virtual currency tokens and trading.

The security of this project, which is also related to BEP 20, makes the concept more valid, more secure, and revolutionary. We are delighted to announce to our investors and customers that they are being attached with a token, a team with years of experience in marketing and business.

Renounced Ownership

Developers brag about renouncing ownership to add credibility or authenticity to their projects and prevent people from troubling about rug pulls and choosing power. When developers transfer significant quantities of tokens to their wallets at the start of the project, they give themselves the
advantage of having free tokens. If the rate of these tokens rises, they make money from air. That is not surprising something that people are comfortable with. If developers make their money early on, they can give up on the project and sell their amount quickly, leaving people with tokens representing a dead project.

If they renounce ownership and buy their tokens just like anyone else, they contribute to the economic pool in the same fairway as any other holders. They gain holders’ trust that way and have no chance to rug pull and abandon the project before it reaches popularity. That’s the ideal course of action but still can be worked around by the dishonest devs.

Of course, checking how honest the developers are is not always easy.Developers may not get free tokens, but they still may accumulate large amounts at the lowest price possible, although many other holders who get
into the game right at the inception of the project can do the same. That’s why they also brag about “no pre-sale”, meaning they didn’t open up the tokens to their constituents before the public offering leaving it a fair game
for all.

One of the biggest issues for innovation “renounce contract ownership”. Many new projects are encountering this problem, renouncing the contract early. We will not be renouncing ownership. This limits our ability to implement necessary changes and upgrades without a cumbersome contract migration. How many projects never recovered after having to migrate from PCS v1 to v2? A change no one saw coming. This is only one example of many things we anticipate adapting to as the space continues to change.

Purpose of Whitepaper

This white paper aims to touch on as many people from different backgrounds as possible and explains the REXIUM platform’s basics in detail. And generates interest in this profitable young technology field. For newcomers, this might be the first step. But we hope that you, like us, will build on these insights and take further steps to become a REXIUM enthusiast. This white paper provides all essential usage guides, information, technical, ethical, and legal support to its investors and users.

AIM Of Rexium Token


‘Rexium new price upgrade system. BSC token has Company-Fiat-Crypto Bridges for rising Rexium’s price forever. ‘Integrating the RXM price boost system into the crypto world, constantly increasing the RXM price.’

This platform will allow members from around the world to join for a real profit in the world of Cryptocurrency. There are many dimensions of the Rexium that ultimately vision does not only give you an extraordinary investment opportunity but also benefits you financially. Rexium plate form is plain and simple. Anyone with a limited understanding of decentralized finance

Can you join us?

Our Catchy Features


From each transaction, 3% for Buyback Tax, the Buyback tax are converted into BNB and securely stored in our Buyback contract. This BNB cannot be withdrawn and is used later to purchase tokens from the open market and automatically burn them.


From each transaction, 2% is permanently removed from our circulation. With fewer outstanding shares, the ratio of net income to shares becomes higher.


From each transaction, 2% is distributed to every wallet that holds Rexium. In theory, you are earning tokens just by holding.

3% of every transaction for fill our RXM VAULT means it will be added as principal to our income-generating vault

Why To Choose Rexium

As this project is based upon BNB protocol, so it is a matter of certainty that it will render the following 7 essential services to the investors of this project.
  • It will avoid multiple tax events.
  • Rapid Growth
  • Easy to Buy
  • Easy to Withdraw and Convert
  • It will involve a low transaction fee
  • It will have high demand and limited supply
  • The crypto Community highly trusts it


REXIUM has been designed in a way that will remove the central points of failure, and it will also ensure the maximum ratio of trust through its traditional digital asset exchange.


As no party, no bank, and no other agency is involved in the transaction process of the tokens so the finance system is indeed transparent and is based upon blockchain technology which will undoubtedly make its customer financially strong with transparent methods.


As it is a universal fact that blockchain technology is free of all types of security threats and also is free of all the types of frauds and scams, so this blockchain application has been connected with REXIUM of this project to give surety and security to the investors and players of this project.


it will enable different challengers to unlock differently types of potential markets, and also it will allow the existing needs to be more liquid and efficient for all the individuals and the investors will be able to control their digital assets on their sweet wish.


This is also a key and distinctive feature of REXIUM that it will not let its investors down and will never create any chance of investor insecurity. The fastness of its level achievements and also the fastness of its provision of different and multipurpose utilities will also make it a revolutionary concept of cryptocurrencies.


The credit goes to REXIUM that it does not make its program limited. Rather it is going to maximize its program of investment to give maximum advantages and financial benefits to the investors and trust builders of the project.


It is also a tremendous salient feature of this project that it will enhance its scope through the stages of its sales and these stages will start from the presale stage, so this presales stage will give maximum benefits to the investors because at this stage, the price of the tokens will not be higher and will be in the range of everyone.


When the investors purchase the tokens of this the project, then the utilization of this token will start because through this token, they will be able to play have fun together to have a chat together, and have betting together. To pass their time with recreation and also to be able to earn the tokens for their financial benefits, investors should join this platform as early as possible.


10% : A tax is charged on all Transactions, split 4 ways by the
3% : Growth Vault for generate income.
3% : Buyback Vault.
2% : Rewards for HOLDERS
2% : Automaticly going BURN Address.